Nanjing international school is looking for PSHE teacher in Aug 2019, 27k after tax

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Kindergarten department:  1. Art teacher; 2. PE teacher 

Primary school department: 1. PE teacher; 2.Art teacher  ; 

Middle school department:  1. PSHE teacher 



1. Monthly salary (2 years’ contract): up to 27,000RMB/m before tax or more; 

2.Apartment:5000-7000 RMB/m housing allowance; 

3.Paid vacation: fully paid Christmas/winter/summer holidays; Teachers work 194 days per year;

4.Round-trip ticket to be paid(offer more if you have other families); 

5. Free schooling for your 2 kids; 

6. Medical insurance;  



1. Contract: August 2019 to July 2021; 

2. Working time: 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday; 

3. Teachers work 194 days per year;  

4. Students: Kindergarten 2-3 years old; 

Primary 4-11years old; 

Middle 11-14years old 


Job Requirements:

1. Native English Speaker

2. Bachelor's Degree or Higher in Education/Teaching or related field

3. At least 2 years ‘related IB teaching experience; 


4. 2-3 references


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