Up to 16K per month English Teachers needed in Tianjin,start to work in FEB2019

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Job Descriptions

Position: ESL teacher

Location: Tianjin, China

Brief Introduction to the recruiting company and the work location

Tianjin New Century Language & Culture Center is a professional language training school with a long history and an excellent reputation both in China and overseas. English courses that New Century offers are specifically designed to meet the needs of Chinese learners. Our English courses are English-immersive, engaging, inspiring, and highly effective.

Tianjin is a municipality direct under the Central Government, as well as an opening city. It is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China. Tianjin is a famous city of history, traditional art and natural scenery. The education sector in Tianjin is developed and the need for excellent ESL teachers is very strong, there are possibilities and great opportunities for ESL teachers.


1. Native English speaker

2. Bachelor's degree or above:

3. TEFL/TESOL certificate or equivalent;

4. A minimum of 1 year (includes internship) teaching experience is strongly recommended (especially for teaching kids);

5. Able to go through a criminal background check;

6. Able to teach in kindergarten, high school and training centers;

7. To follow the school's reasonable arrangement.


The teacher is held responsible for the implementation of assigned curriculum and courses by the school; Shall devote appropriate time and efforts to the duties as outlined and as required

The teacher should be in good health, both physical and psychologically;

The teacher shall not discuss Chinese political or religious affairs with students in class, abide by the laws and policies stated in the Law of Education of the People's Republic of China;

The teacher should be patient and love interacting with students at various levels


RMB 15K to 16K salary per month.

New Century will provide the teacher an apartment with all high-quality, necessary living facilities during the term of employment for free.

New Century will purchase comprehensive business insurance for teachers within the contract term after the contract comes in effect;

New Century will provide one flight allowance of RMB 5K after the teacher works under the contract for one year;

The teacher enjoys the winter and summer vacation as well as other legal holidays in China, during summer and winter holiday New Century will still pay the teacher's housing allowance. Overtime payment is available during the vacations.


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