Regional Training Manager in Chengdu

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Job title:  Regional Training Manager     


Working Place: Chengdu


Salary:   300,000 RMB+  annual income



Responsible for nurturing and growing a new crop of highly professional, ethical and loyal Foreign teachers and foreign managers for the company. Upon successful completion of their training, these new teachers and managers will then be expected to pass on quality training and together with their local campus team, deliver effective academic standard that will ensure that the company surpasses its targets. The successful candidate’s job will include but not be limited to the under-listed:




- High organizational skills

- Experienced Manager of multiple departments

- Training experience

- Great knowledge of the inner workings of the company

- Understanding of Intercultural Companies

- Experience in Academic Management

- Experience in Teaching and training

- Experience in curriculum building




- Must come up with a pragmatic training system/course for new teachers and managers;

- Co-Manage with city trainee Managers during their first month after the induction;

- Conduct company and regional level trainings;

- Pair up with principals to evaluate trainee managers during their first quarter on the job.

- Serve as the go-to person for FTs in campuses without any representation of a foreign manager.

- Assist in the recruitment of new teachers and managers.

- Must have a very good understanding of the Chinese Business Environment.

- Must be skilled in dispute resolution.

- Must have a thorough understanding of the workings/operations of the company (NSC, Regions, Campuses, Franchises etc)

- Must be well versed in the Vision and mission of the company and know how to inculcate them into trainee managers.

- Must be a good cross-cultural communicator and worthy company ambassador.

- Required to observe trainee-managers work and give weekly reports to his/her immediate supervisor and copy the principal and NAM and FA

- Is required to be the trainer’s trainer (i.e. Impart training skills into trainee-managers for them to be able to train their FTs)

- Have a positive work attitude and be enthusiastic.

--Be professional and friendly, yet uncompromising with regards to work standards.

--Must be willing to travel;

- Emergency substitution of teaching or activities ( no more than 10 hours per month);  


Reports to:


Head of academic department



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