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Job description:

1. Independently with 2 to 6 years old children's English teaching, to participate in the development of the curriculum and teaching materials;

2.Assist other teachers in early childhood English teaching work and guarantee the teaching quality;

3.Training the kindergarten English teachers , improve their teaching and the ability to communicate with parents, and follow the teacher's teaching work, according to the demand regularly updating the teaching contents, etc;

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor or above.

2.Love of early childhood education career, with strong affinity and communication skills, serious and responsible work, has the compassion, patience, sense of responsibility;

3. Two-year language teaching experience (not required for applicants who hold a bachelor degree (or above) of education, language or teaching, home country teaching certificate, and international language teaching certificate);


Minimum workload: 28 teaching hours per week (one teaching hour equals 45minutes);

Compensation package:

1.Native English teachers15000~20000rmb/month;

Non-native teachers 12000~15000rmb/month.

Free accommodation

Work visa provided.


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